Corporate Services

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Today's business world is very competitive, requiring diligence and expertise to be deployed at all times.   A company must secure its position in the marketplace through the conduct of thorough investigations of all potential threats.

The following are some the more frequently requested services we provide:

  • Surveillance for theft of company product and time.
  • Surveillance for chronic attendance issues.
  • Surveillance for disability claims.
  • Counter Surveillance.
  • Background searches on corporations, individuals & due diligence.
  • Employee Background Investigations / Pre-Employment Screening.
  • Competitive Intelligence.
  • Patent and Trademark Infringement.
  • Undercover Investigations / Internal Investigations.
  • Executive Protection.
  • Employee Terminations / Personal Protection / Police Liaison.
  • Fraud Investigations.
  • Strikes.
  • Labor Dispute Support.
  • WSIB Investigations.

The instant a situation arises there isn't a moment to lose.  You will require immediate consultation and a cost effective solution.  PROLIFIC will partner with you in developing an effective strategy to bring the matter under full control. Conduct of such operations must be handled with the utmost of discretion and integrity.  Preservation of your companies' assets, internal image and external image in the business community at large, is paramount. 

We look forward to being your company of choice 
when a strategic solution and dedicated partner is required.